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A Message from Principal Huelskamp

We would like to share the following message from Principal Huelskamp. Its content relates to all sports, including both cross country and track:

Dear Sunset Families,

We are excited to share the opportunities we will be able to provide to students as we prepare to open up what the OSAA refers to as "Season 2". While the ongoing pandemic will put severe limitations on frequency, location, group size, and safety precautions, Season 2 will provide opportunities for students to gather, socialize, train, and compete. Please be sure your son or daughter has an updated physical so that if they decide to pursue one of the athletic opportunities they can do so. For our "no cut" sports we are prepared to offer multiple teams in an effort to get as many students involved as possible. As parents, our role will look quite different as well. Parent attendance at practices and competitions will be all but impossible, but I can assure you that giving our kids the opportunity to be active and engage with their peers will be well worth all of the sacrifices we will face as parents. I applaud our coaches and Athletic program for making all of this possible.

John Huelskamp


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