Hello Apollos,

The 2020-2021 cross country season will begin in 5 weeks on February 22. It will last only 7 weeks. One of those weeks is our "spring break" week.

The first allowable contest date of this "season 2" by the OSAA is Monday, March 1. This is after one week of practice. Metro League planners have crafted a preliminary competition schedule with a first contest of Wednesday, March 3. If you are considering joining cross country, it's high time to start getting fit for the season.

During our season, we will be operating under strict guidelines. These guidelines include wearing a mask at all times, maintaining social distancing, and being limited to groups of 50. On the subject of these groups of 50, this will have the consequence of limiting the size of our training groups. While details are still being confirmed, should the team exceed 50 (athletes plus coaches), there will be obvious adjustments. One thing is certain: the safety and health of our athletes and their families will be our primary concern as will our own health as coaches and the health of our families.

We are working on contingency details for our season and will release information as decisions are made. As coaches, we are waiting for most of the decisions to be made or green-lit by the administrators in the school district. Personally, I don't want to make promises that I can't keep. I'm working hard to push for firm detail from district administrators.

In the meantime, we encourage any interested athletes and their families to initiate the registration process (note: participation fees remain undecided as of the writing of this blog post). The attached file details the process for registration for the upcoming season.

A note about track: the track season is scheduled to begin on April 5.

Sincerest regards,

Coach Neeway

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Dear Sunset Community,

I hope that this message finds you safe and well.

The OSAA executive board has released an update on the 2020-2021 sports calendar. It includes some date shifts for both track and cross country. You can see the post here:

Additional comments from the OSAA about the release can be found in their media publication:

We are processing this information through the same lens that we have throughout the last several months: the targets will continue to move and we must each do all that we can to control the spread of the virus.

I have started running small, in-person meetings with members of the distance running group. We are experimenting with what we can do with an hour and how we can stay very COVID-safe in a training environment. I sincerely believe that it may be the safest thing that I do outside of my house (safer than a grocery store, gas station, post office, doctor's office, or any other place I go during the pandemic). We are starting small and are looking for ways to increase participation and access after the Winter Break. If you are interested in participating, please send me an email and I will stay in touch as we find safe and meaningful ways to meet.

Kindest regards,

Coach Neeway

PS: Wear a mask!

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Hello T&F and XC communities,

I want to reach out with an update. BSD has given some of its sports programs permission to have in-person meetings for the next few weeks. These could have started last week.

With deference to the school schedule, we opted not to initiate any in-person meetings during "finals week". As such, we declined the first optional week. This week would have been Week 2. The week ended with the announcement from the office of the governor, asking for a "pause" on many activities that have the potential to contribute to the continued spread of the novel coronavirus. This information, taken in context with the data about the spread in our community, gave us coaches pause:

Were we doing the right thing by hosting gatherings in the environment?

Could we live with ourselves if our selfish desires to spend time with our athletes contributed to the spread of the disease, especially with Thanksgiving next week?

We decided that we couldn't accept these consequences. We are also going to observe a two week break.

If you are interested in joining a yoga session via Zoom at 3pm tomorrow with Coach Neeway and Coach Rozendaal, please send me an email and I will send a link to the Zoom meeting.

In the meantime, please wear a mask and practice social responsibility. The only way we are ever going to have a sports season is if we, as a broader community, can get the spread under control.

Sincerest regards,

Coach Neeway

and the rest of the T&F and XC coaching staffs

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