Hello T&F and XC communities,

I want to reach out with an update. BSD has given some of its sports programs permission to have in-person meetings for the next few weeks. These could have started last week.

With deference to the school schedule, we opted not to initiate any in-person meetings during "finals week". As such, we declined the first optional week. This week would have been Week 2. The week ended with the announcement from the office of the governor, asking for a "pause" on many activities that have the potential to contribute to the continued spread of the novel coronavirus. This information, taken in context with the data about the spread in our community, gave us coaches pause:

Were we doing the right thing by hosting gatherings in the environment?

Could we live with ourselves if our selfish desires to spend time with our athletes contributed to the spread of the disease, especially with Thanksgiving next week?

We decided that we couldn't accept these consequences. We are also going to observe a two week break.

If you are interested in joining a yoga session via Zoom at 3pm tomorrow with Coach Neeway and Coach Rozendaal, please send me an email and I will send a link to the Zoom meeting.

In the meantime, please wear a mask and practice social responsibility. The only way we are ever going to have a sports season is if we, as a broader community, can get the spread under control.

Sincerest regards,

Coach Neeway

and the rest of the T&F and XC coaching staffs

Hey Apollos,

As you may or may not have heard, coaches and athletes have been granted permission by the school district to begin formal meetings. I am reaching out to let you know that we are working to develop a plan to handle such meetings.

Here is a short list of some of the conditions under which we will operate:

- no more than 40 people meeting in one location at one time (including coaches)

- meetings can take place only twice per week

- meetings can last only one hour

- meetings can start no earlier than 3:30pm

- meetings can happen only M-F, excepting holidays

- face coverings at all times (specifically masks)

Given these rules, we are working to come up with plans to find ways to meet. We are also making these plans as we process the increasing rates of infection in our community. And as the first quarter draws to a close.

We hope to have more information to share inside the next week. Stay tuned! And stay safe!

Please wear masks and limit social gatherings!

-Coach Neeway

This Friday and Saturday we run and walk together virtually in honor of the teams that came before us, and who will come after us, for ourselves as we grieve a fall season that will not be, and, most importantly, for the kids in our community fighting for the specialized health care that they need to reach their potential and live a full life.

The Sunset cross country team has always been about more than just running, and yet, it is running, that has united us. These past months, though we could not be together as a team, it has often been running that has offered us small joys and a respite from the sadness and isolation that comes with this global pandemic. So, though we are not together in body this fall, and our season will not be what we imagined, we remain united, and we will honor this unity and our ability to run by holding our 7th annual Miles that Matter Relay and Fundraiser for Shriners Hospital for Children. 100% of funds raised will go to SHC this year.


We have some awesome teams forming, and they are eager to add more names to their rosters. Alumni, parents, neighbors, friends and family close by, out of state, and across the world, join us. Find yourself a team at Find out more, join a team, donate at and here

Team members past, present and future, here are a few friendly challenges for you this week:

  1. Invite an extended family member (aunt, uncle, cousin, grandma, etc.) to be a part of your team. Then invite another.

  2. Be on the team with the most out of state and international participants. Anyone could log a mile on behalf of your team, anywhere. 3 am isn't 3 am in other time zones. ;)

  3. Be on the team that runs the most miles. 

  4. Invite some professional runners to be a part of your team. Instagram messaging is not creepy if you are respectful and care about running and Shriners.

  5. Invite a teacher or other school staff member to be on your team. We miss you.

  6. Current team, send personal invitations to alumni. Reach out.

  7. Alumni dm the team on @sunsetdistance or @apollosxc and join a team. Connect.

  8. Share the event on social media, make it personal. Why do you care about this?

  9. Get your team hyped about raising money.

  10. Spend some time simply being thankful that you have a body that can run or walk. Do this every day.

Lots of love,

Coach Rozendaal


Sunset High School

13840 NW Cornell Rd
Portland, OR 97229-5403

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