Cold Weather Ahead...

"There's no such thing as bad weather, just soft people."

Bill Bowerman gets credit for this quote. Having finished his legendary coaching career at the University of Oregon, he went on to co-found a shoe and apparel company you likely know. (Hint: It's Nike). So... As he called people "soft" who preferred staying indoors to working out in the cold and rain, he also led one of the apparel companies responsible for many innovations in cold weather training gear.

What does this have to do with Sunset T&F? As long as there's school, there will be track practice. The member of Sunset's track team, who are anything but soft, will be dressed in the right gear for the elements this week. It goes without saying, I'm sure. The smart ones will also have warm and dry clothes to change into when practice concludes by 5:00.

We'll meet in the main gym to start practice on Monday. See you at 3:00!

(If school is canceled, there will be no practice. Either way, we look forward to having our first track practice of the season on whichever is the first day of school this week).

This season's team apparel is available for order here on the website. Here's a direct link.


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