Summer 2020: "The Waiting is the Hardest Part"

I've been waiting for weeks and weeks to write this message. It's supposed to be a simple message but I can't seem to keep it simple. It's really just a message that explains that we are waiting.

I have been delaying writing this message, thinking that maybe the next day will be the day where we get some clear information about when and how we can start hosting summer conditioning sessions. Each day comes and goes without any new information.

Tom Petty had it right: the waiting really is the hardest part.

Things are starting to come into focus, though. The WIAA (Washington's OSAA) has made a commitment to having a fall sports season. Washington County is in Phase 1 and is looking to apply for Phase II status. The OSAA continues to share guidance on how sports can safely continue in the current environment.

It is my sincerest hope (and increasing belief) that we as Sunset Cross Country will be given license to meet more formally on June 30 or July 1. I get a little bit of a peek behind the planning curtain of both the BSD and the OSAA. In both cases, I am optimistic that summer conditioning meetings will get a green light in the next week or so for that June 30 start date. It won't be "business as usual" but it will be something.

And I am desperate for something. Anything. Something other than text messages, emails, Zoom calls, and anything else digital. Having finished typing this email, I will go back to crossing my fingers.

In the mean time, please get those physical exams in order. They are due every 2 years and are required for summer participation. Here's a link to the form.

If you are new to Sunset Cross Country and interested in getting some training help, please contact Coach Neeway by email.

Go Apollos!

-Coach Neeway

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