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Sunset Track Season Information

The track season begins in less than two months. Coaches are getting organized and excited about the coming season.

Please see our handout regarding rules and expectations on our Track and Field page on this website. Calendar information can be found these, as well. Applications for team captains are being accepted here, too.

Athletes must be registered for the season before they can participate. REGISTRATION is handled through the school's website: Questions about registration should be directed to the athletic office.

We get some questions about the season, especially from new families. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

What do I need to bring to practice? Wear comfortable workout clothes and running shoes. A water bottle is helpful. Take a look at the weather forecast and pack accordingly with additional needs: dry clothes to change into after a wet practice, sun screen, pants, rain gear, etc.

How long are practices? Generally speaking, practices last about two hours though they could be shorter or a little longer, depending some on the event/events in which an athlete competes. Some events require more time. This information is too complex to communicate in a simple paragraph. If end time is a concern, an athlete can communicate with coaches about their intentions.

How far do I need to be able to run before I can join? None, though we'd love for you to get started as soon as possible. We meet every athlete at their ability level. While some of our veteran athletes will be asked to do more and at a higher intensity, demands placed on novice athletes aim to meet them where they are. We expect that nearly every athlete will find the physical demands of track and field accessible.

What kind of shoes do I need? Good running shoes are a must. Racing shoes ("spikies") and other competition shoes are encouraged. Athletes can speak to coaches with specific questions. *Note: the track and field team has a large inventory of shoes for those who could use some help. Many of the training shoes are brand new donations from local foot stores. Please reach out to Coach Neeway with questions.

What do meets look like? League meets take place on Wednesdays, starting around 4:00pm. An order of events can be found on our home page. Meets are like a three-ring circus with activity taking place in all corners of the venue. Sunset Track and Field athletes are expected to stay until all events have been completed. Invitationals are not for the whole team. Varsity team members are asked to prioritize their availability for these competitions. Not all athletes will be eligible to participate in these competitions. Post-season meets like JV districts, districts, and state have qualification standards. More information about these meets will be provided later in the season.

What about uniforms? Sunset Track and Field provides a racing uniform (singlet, shorts, and a warmup jacket). Athletes wear the uniform in competition. Jackets are worn only on race day. Athletes will be given the opportunity to purchase season apparel which they can keep soon.

What is the last date to join track? The LAST day to join the track team will be Monday, March 28.

What about Spring Break? There will be no mandatory practices. Coaches will host informal practices for event groups at different times during the meet. Stay tuned for more information as the date draw nearer.

Please reach out with any additional questions:

On behalf of the Sunset Track and Field coaching staff,

Coach Dan Neeway

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