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TF Week 4

Sunset Track Athletes and Families:

Please let me lead with my sincerest apologies for the unforeseen troubles last Thursday. Thank you for your patience with athlete drop-off at the school on the first day of in-person hybrid instruction (what a mess!). And thank you also for your patience with the late evening return from Beaverton. The late night can most likely be blamed on some first-meet-in-two-years difficulties at the host venue. Whatever the cause, Thursday’s late bus return is certainly an anomaly and not typical for our sport.

Another unexpected difficulty? That was the first track meet where the next day’s classes were the same ones that had student had attended on the morning of a meet. Every other year that any of us has been a coach at Sunset, even days have followed odd days, and vice versa. We are asking out athletes to make every effort to plan and use their time wisely next week. I assure you that the time schedule of our home meet will improve things, too, especially if we can get some help in the field events…


In order to stage a successful home meet, we rely heavily on our parent community to volunteer in the roles of meet workers. There are no better views provided, especially of the field events. With enough help, all roles can be shared. PLEASE: if you plan to attend, please consider helping out in one of the available positions. Sign up here: Thank you in advance for your willingness to help!


2:45-3:20 COVID pre-screening / athlete check-in

3:30 team meeting on high jump apron (no late arrivals!)

4:00 pre-meet 4x100

4:15 field events begin

4:30 4x100m relay

for a schedule of events, see our team page on

7:30* estimated finish time / dismissal

*this is usually when our home meets wrap up, sometimes earlier, based on years of experience

Note: ALL athletes are expected to remain at the track meet until its conclusion, regardless of their event and/or schedule. Only in exceptional cases should this not be the case. In these instances, athletes must communicate with Coach Neeway BEFORE Thursday. Early departures without expressed permission will result in not competing in the next meet.


Have the wrong size? Missed uniforms last week? Last chance for uniforms is Monday between 2:50 and 3:00. PLEASE NO EXCEPTIONS. (We have no more medium boys shorts. If you are a varsity athlete competing in half-tights, please consider returning the medium shorts you won’t be wearing this spring for another athlete to use. Thank you!).

On behalf of the Sunset Track Coaching Staff,

Coach Neeway


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