The week ahead - 9/16

Schedule for the week. Practice begins at the pavilion unless otherwise indicated.

Monday: practice at 3:00 pm, lower volume runners will finish as early as 4:45, with higher volume runners finishing around 5:30

Tuesday: practice starts with team meetings: girls at 2:40 (street clothes) boys at 3:00 (dressed for practice); practice will end around 5:00 for all runners; the Cummings family is hosting a spaghetti feed - all athletes have been invited - please direct all questions to David, Anna, Stephen, or any of the senior team leaders

Wednesday: race day at home, team meets at 3:15 under the pavilion (Saturday racers meet at 2:50); meet information below

Thursday: practice starts with a PR meeting in the wrestling gym; practice will end around 5:00 for all runners

Friday: practice starts at 3:00, wrapping up by 5:00 for all but those heading to the Woodbridge Classic (done around 5:30)

Saturday: no practice

WEDNESDAY RACE: We host Central Catholic and Mountainside for a friendly coed relay event. Teams of anywhere from 3 to 6 runners will cover 12km running legs ranging from 1km to 6km starting at 4:30. We will have a 1km loop around the track, turf fields, and JV soccer field. Athletes will learn their race distances and relay team members over the next two days. We anticipate athletes being dismissed from the meet between 6:00 and 6:15.

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