This week

Please know that these blog posts have been an effort to perform a service to address possible announcements that are shared at practice, both verbally and in writing. I also try to use it to share potential fluctuation in practice finish time. Information about our team is available on this website, particularly the calendar.

I have made an effort to work less at home over the last few weeks. I've gotten good at it. Home is the only place, however, that I can make these blog posts due to district website restrictions. My apologies for not having provided an update this week.

Very quickly: the rain is here. Dress for it this week! We will conclude a little early Wednesday and Friday for our lower volume runners.

Saturday's meet bus times are posted on the calendar. ALL athletes taking the PSAT must arrive early to the test as shared in a previous email. Our buses leave at 12:30. We race in the gold division at the meet. More info can be found on

My apologies again for the lack of a blog post early in the week.

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