XC Week 5 (Spring Break)

Hello team,

We will have two practice sessions over Spring Break: Tuesday and Friday at 9:30 AM. Check-in like usual, expect Tuesday to last just a little longer than usual. Workouts for the week will be posted to Canvas tomorrow morning.

We want to encourage all of our athletes to get as far away from screens and schedules as possible (except for their sleep schedule). This week should be one of rest and recuperation, more than ever! But not a break from running and training! Remember: we have just one and a half weeks left after Spring Break and we don't want anyone to take steps backward this week.

We hope that EVERY family will support their athletes and help them make time for running and physical activity this week, regardless of where they might be.

To all those who are lucky enough to be traveling this week: safe travels! Please be vigilant in maintaining COVID safety while away from home. In the event of accident exposure, please exercise the extremest of caution on your return so as not to jeopardize the team's ability to train and compete.

Have a great week!

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