There will be no changes to our first day plans. ALL athletes NOT participating in fall sports arrive for check-in at 3:00. ALL fall sport athletes, excepting soccer players, arrive for check-in at 4:00.

The change? The OHA and, by consequence, the OSAA have changed the rules governing "group counts" for outdoor recreation. Instead of setting a limit at 150 people at our current status in Washington County, the limits have been adjusted now read "25% of maximum capacity."

The first consequence of this change is this: we can confidently state that, with the exception of select fall sport groups, ALL athletes can expect to have check-in for practice begin at 3:00 pm every day this week.

The remaining consequences is still not known at this time and will likely include our competition schedule. As coaches, we learned about the change last night around 9:00 pm. We will be learning more this morning. Please watch the FAQ for updates. Canvas, too.

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Sunset Track community,

The coaching staff is beyond excited to kick off our season with you on Monday. This message will broadcast to as many outlets as possible but there will only be two channels through which future communication will happen this spring:

1) weekly to families via the "Coaches' Blog" on our website:

2) daily to athletes through the Canvas "course" for track:

The schedule for Monday's practice is already posted to the Canvas course as will all practice plans for the season. A thorough FAQ document containing similar detail has been posted to the website. Please familiarize yourself with both of these resources.

We are unable to make firm plans without a firmer sense of the number of athletes who will comprise our roster. Please help us solidify this number by registering ASAP: Additionally, we need all athletes to complete the brief questionnaire:

Optional team apparel is available for order at this time. Please find information at this link: Orders are due Sunday, April 11, at midnight, with likely delivery two weeks later.

Follow us on Twitter @SunsetTrack and Instagram @ApollosTF.

Let's have a great season together!

On behalf of the whole Sunset Track & Field coaching staff,

Coach Dan Neeway

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Athletes and Families, as we near the final week of our COVID season, which is actually an overlap with the 1st week of track :), I want you to know that I do not take the joy of being a part of this team for granted. This year, more than ever, I look forward to our time together each and every day. I love watching you run; I am proud of you when you carefully make your way through an injury and run your first race. I am proud of you when I have watched you grow into the accomplished athlete and individual of integrity over 4 years. I am proud of you when you are in tears because you did not finish a race, or you do or don't puke. I am proud of you when you wear your masks without complaint. I am proud of you when you cheer for all of your team mates. You see, what we do as distance runners, it is not easy. It is actually really hard. So, now you know, you can do hard things.

In case you don't know, I also love to take pictures to capture our season. You can find this year's gallery as well as past years here on this site.

Lots of Love,

Coach Rozendaal

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