TF 11th Hour Changes

There will be no changes to our first day plans. ALL athletes NOT participating in fall sports arrive for check-in at 3:00. ALL fall sport athletes, excepting soccer players, arrive for check-in at 4:00.

The change? The OHA and, by consequence, the OSAA have changed the rules governing "group counts" for outdoor recreation. Instead of setting a limit at 150 people at our current status in Washington County, the limits have been adjusted now read "25% of maximum capacity."

The first consequence of this change is this: we can confidently state that, with the exception of select fall sport groups, ALL athletes can expect to have check-in for practice begin at 3:00 pm every day this week.

The remaining consequences is still not known at this time and will likely include our competition schedule. As coaches, we learned about the change last night around 9:00 pm. We will be learning more this morning. Please watch the FAQ for updates. Canvas, too.

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