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Practice Schedule - Week of 8/20

First, the MILES THAT MATTER event was a tremendous success! Thank you once again to Stacey Wainwright (mom to David [jr] and Anna [so] Cummings) and Avi Huelskamp (mom of Lucy [jr]). They were instrumental in securing all the breakfast food items as donations from local stores. Thank you to all the parents who spent their overnight hours circling the track. I hope that you have recovered quickly from the lost sleep!

The FUNDRAISING side of Miles that Matter continues. ATHLETES: please work to complete your packets. Reach out to find pledges. Those aren't due for another week so you have more time to work. Use the momentum from the weekend to find more sources. We bettered our mileage goal by more than 50%. To do the same with our fundraising goal, we'll need a lot of effort from everyone on the team.

We will hold practice EVERY DAY this week, regardless of air quality. When poor air quality presents itself, we will practice indoors with a modified plan. Our established runners will be asked to complete an indoor workout on those days in addition to afternoon practice.

Schedule for the week. Practice begins at the pavilion unless otherwise indicated.

Monday: practice at 3:00 pm, lasting until about 5:30 w/out smoke, 4:30 w/smoke

Tuesday: practice at 3:00 pm, uniforms distributed after practice

Wednesday: team pictures at 2:45 pm, practice ending around 5:15

Thursday: practice starts at 3:00 with a team meeting in the team room, with practice ending around 5:00

Friday: Wilsonville Night Meet (see note below)

Saturday: varsity practice at 10:00 am at Birch Trail in Forest Park

Wilsonville Night Meet:

Full race schedule available here. This is also where results will be posted following the meet.

Athletes will learn of their racing assignments (age race or novice race) during the week. We are limited to 6 entries in the age races.

Athletes are expected to ride the bus to and from the meet. The bus will depart at 4:00 pm from the east side of the school. We anticipate a return around 11:15.

Other stuff:

Signed rules acknowledgments are required from athletes before the are allowed to compete. Please read the rules and understand the expectations before agreeing to continue participating with us this season.

If you haven't read the handout or the blog post on iron deficiency in high school athletes, please do! If you do make the choice to schedule a CBC, please consider sharing the serum ferritin level results with coaches.

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