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The week ahead...

Apologies for the last posting. Small people at home didn't think their daddy should work last night. They wanted to play refuse-to-go-to-bed, instead - a game that many of you know has no winners.

The weekend invitational was a big success. Results have been posted. You'll see some big PRs and other exciting performances. Our #4-ranked boys finished 2nd (without Mihira's services as he rests an inflamed tendon) and, in the process, bettered the #5, #6, #7, #9, and #10 teams in the state. The #6-ranked girls finished 4th in one of the most competitive races we've ever seen with great races from everyone, including Anna's first sub-20:00 clocking. We beat #4 South Eugene (who was without their top runner), bettered Wilson (tied with us at #6) for the first time this season (after two other tries), and kept #8 Franklin and #9 Tualatin behind us. The group then spent the rest of the evening together, and the next morning. Our athletes were polite, courteous, and respectful. Coach Rozendaal has updated her photo gallery with pictures from the weekend.

Schedule for the week. Practice begins at the pavilion unless otherwise indicated.

Monday: practice starts at 3:00 and ends around 5:00 for all runners

Tuesday: practice starts with team meetings in classroom T-7: girls at 2:40 (street clothes) boys at 3:00 (dressed for practice); ending a little early for most runners; varsity runners will finish a little after 5:00

Wednesday: meet day! specific details can be found on the calendar with race start times on

Thursday: PR meeting at 3:00 pm in a location TBA, practice ending around 4:45 for all runners

Friday: practice starts at 3:00 and ends around 5:00 for all runners

Saturday: practice details TBA - for varsity-level athletes only

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