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XC This Week / Brief Track Announcement

The cross country coaches are looking forward to the first day of our season tomorrow! PLEASE show up on time by the schedule posted to this blog at the end of last week:

Athletes should link to the Canvas course for access to workouts and other information:


Track and cross country share some of the same coaches and many of the same resources, including this website. The track season, while only about 6 weeks, is still light years distant in COVID time, meaning that there are still many changes coming between now and then. Our program can't anticipate these changes but we do expect that the first concrete information about the upcoming season (beyond start date: April 5) will be shared in about 3 weeks.

In the meantime, we encourage all those who are interested in joining out track team to register online:

For those who see that there is overlap of seasons (Season 2 with Season 3, and then Season 3 with Season 4), this is true. Our athletic programs are making a commitment to "share" athletes (and, in some cases, coaches) and give everyone the best experience possible. These unique times present us with unique challenges and unique opportunities. We look forward to having a uniquely awesome season.

On behalf of all the Sunset XC and T&F coaches,

Coach Neeway

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