Fall Sports Registration

BSD sports registration is moving online. Mr Lukich has asked that I share message below and the attached document with families, encouraging all to register SOONER than later. Please keep in mind that registration minus the participation fee is required before participating in formal summer conditioning (which remains on hold for now).

Mr Lukich's message is below:

"Athletics/Activities - New for the 2020-2021 School Year, we are moving to ALL athletic registrations being done online.  This new registration platform will keep student athlete's information in the system through their graduation.  Initially you [will] be asked to fill out his/her personal information such as their full name, birth date, addresses, etc.  Once that is finished you will either fill out one or more registration forms (note: most are auto filling) and then submit and/or you will be asked to upload the Physical Participation Form (if your form is expired or not on record with us).  Additionally, you will register for each sport you plan on participating in and as mentioned earlier, your information will be saved, therefore registering for the 2nd and 3rd sport will be a much shorter process than the first time.

"Those needing a new physical (they are valid for two years from the date of the actual physical) can download the State Required form from this site and take it to a doctor for their examination and signature.  Completed physicals would then be uploaded onto the registration site. 

"Next, either open up the attachment [below] for further instructions OR just go below to begin the process of registering your student athlete .  Thank you!"

InTouch FORM Registration--BSD 2020-21
Download • 1.38MB

NOTE: It appears that the option for uploading a physical is NOT working at this time.

Additionally, here is a summary of steps provided by Mr Lukich:

This is a short cut so to speak if you want to skip the information sheet....

Registration for Sports/Activities:     FIRST,     go in to your BSD ParentVUE account and select your student athlete to sign up for their sport during the 2020-2021 school year.     NEXT,                     CLICK on "Register for Athletics and Activities"  and      THEN      choose "the sport/activity" **** From here please complete and submit all the digital forms that you can.  If you can not turn in the School Sports Pre-Participation exam form at this time then that is ok (for the current time) as you will be able to go back in later and submit it once you have it. Miscellaneous #1-  if your student athlete doesn't have a ParentVUE account yet, register for this and I am being told it will take 24 hours before it becomes active. Miscellaneous #2- if you should run into some issues in getting registered let me [] know so we can get these issues solved. Miscellaneous #3- we are still working through some issues with physicals and the registration page being accurate on letting you know it is expired or not.  If needed, ask the coach for the expiration date of the physical on file.  We will also be able to get back to you if something has expired and the page doesn't let you know this.

Best regards,

Coach Neeway


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