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XC Week 4 + Spring Break

Week 4 practice schedule:

We are asking ALL athletes to be a part of practice each of the 5 days next week. We expect to see every athlete every day, except in situations where coach and athlete have agreed that a day of rest or crosstraining away from campus is best. This decision requires communication with coaches and is not made unilaterally.

Please arrive daily to Sunset NO LATER than 3:00 pm to complete check-in so that we can begin practice in a timely manner.

Spring Break:

We plan to host formal practice on Tuesday and Friday. Athletes will be giving training plans for the other days on Canvas. Athletes are encouraged to find teammates to run with on these "off days" when this is an option.

Wednesday 3/17 meet against Westview:

Some details are still being worked out but the first race will start at 4:00pm with athlete check-ins to start at 2:45pm. The remaining details will likely be ironed out by the start of practice on Monday and will be communicated to athletes directly, and using Canvas.


You have likely heard that there is a new way to "count" spectators. It is more complicated than it seems. I'll have more information tomorrow and will reach out for spectators and course marshals tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.

Stay vigilant in preventing the spread of COVID in our community!

Thank you!

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